me & who😍😍

2022.01.17 03:27 0FFlClAL me & who😍😍

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2022.01.17 03:27 rjwslmao Hypixel players don't know how to take a loss

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2022.01.17 03:27 Anon10W1z /r/NBA after Boban comes out in support of Djokovic

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2022.01.17 03:27 squidalapobre How would you interpret/analyze the firm's Asset Management ratios? Any general observations, assumptions (since there's limited info), or recommendations?

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2022.01.17 03:27 SoundBoy19 What makes an established Artist?

How would you define an "established Artist"? What would be the measurement for this?
I'm doing this for a plan.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.17 03:27 drunkcardiothoracic Is there an app to automatically download and update wallpapers?

There are thousands of apps that change your wallpaper from a file in your phone. I need an app that automatically downloads and updates wallpapers from the Internet.
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2022.01.17 03:27 dansbump My Subaru.

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2022.01.17 03:27 Quarantined_box99 transferring accounts

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2022.01.17 03:27 _LVII_ The Patient

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2022.01.17 03:27 Suuiiiu Hello, my father is applying for Standard visitor visa, this is his cover letter I’d appreciate it if anyone took the time to read it and inform me of any mistakes or necessary corrections

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2022.01.17 03:27 Ok-Economist-8941 Losing myself in relationships

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but i’m wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with similar issues. Basically, almost every relationship I have been in, or anytime I have been dating someone unofficially but feelings are involved, I become very attached very quickly. I didn’t realize how much I tend to lose myself in relationships until a recent long term serious relationship I had crumbled due to codependent tendencies. When i’m interested in someone or love someone I fall into a pattern of worry, always checking their socials, becoming anxious if I sense even the slightest change in behavior, and constant fear that they will leave. I let this affect me to the point of depression and suicidal thoughts, it’s as if relationships trigger every deep emotional wound. I get scared to communicate how I feel out of fear of abandonment and then subconsciously start to act out and become angry and spiral into self loathing thoughts if I feel I am losing a partner. It gets to a point where I will feel suicidal if someone doesn’t respond to a text right away (believe me i know how ridiculous it is). I start to base my happiness on a person and their moods and the state of a relationship.At 24 and having dated many people and losing my most recent relationship, which was very hard, I realize I have a problem and there is a lot of trauma I need to work through. I am going to therapy and will not be dating for a while so i can take time to work on myself and learn how to love myself first, but feel a little alone in the journey at times. I guess I am here wondering if anyone has gone through something similar or has a similar story, and has any helpful advice or stories of healing from this type of behavior when it comes to relationships.
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2022.01.17 03:27 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
Sensei will move like water onto Fantom Opera (FTM) & Ethereum Network (ETH). His inclusion and diversification using multiple networks gives holders the power to choose how they enact their trades, but also readies his goal and his way to creating Sensei-Swap & Ecosystem🔥
🌐 Telegram -
🌐 Pancakeswap :
🌐 Contract : 0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
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2022.01.17 03:27 Ok_Investigator_1010 Trying again for a bachelors in Computer Science

Hi everyone. I was a student for computer science at FIU taking the BA route. I found programming much more difficult and graded than MDC by a long shot.
I had taken Greg and it ended badly. So badly I legit cried harder than anytime I can honestly think about. And to be honest at 27 I want to try again. Partly to erase my mistakes but also to get a degree I think I can be proud of.
However I am set to graduate with my bachelors in Supply Chain Management at MDC. If I were to start again it would be with loans more than likely.
And tbh I wanted to ask for some advice where possible. Is this even worth it? Is a BA in Computer Science even a thing that can get you a job?
I have some programming experience and some of my skills have never left me. I’ve looked online to see how I can get hired or brought on as an intern but it seems that without a degree you either need the most amazing portfolio or a great connection to get hired.
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2022.01.17 03:27 THEWISE100_ Nocap tayshotzz,sosa,tk,cojack,ray keepshooting top 5 in jax 🔥🔥y’all agree?

View Poll
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2022.01.17 03:27 Wonderlove98 Fav babe escort! Ariellekate pornstar

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2022.01.17 03:27 ibrahim_mohammed கண்டல்

கண்டல் கண்டல்
சொல் பொருள்
(பெ) சதுப்பு நிலங்களில் காணப்படும் ஒருவகை மரம்.
தமிழ் இலக்கியங்களில் பயன்பாடு
கண்டல் கானல் குருகுஇனம் ஒலிப்ப - அகம் 260/3
அழுவம் நின்ற அலர் வேய் கண்டல்/கழி பெயர் மருங்கின் ஒல்கி ஓதம் - குறு 340/4,5
புலவு திரை உதைத்த கொடும் தாள் கண்டல்/சேர்ப்பு ஏர் ஈர் அளை அலவன் பார்க்கும் - நற்123/9,10
குறிப்பு இது சங்க இலக்கியங்களில் இடம்பெற்றுள்ளது

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2022.01.17 03:27 VexVexVex004 What is something outdated that we still practice today?

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2022.01.17 03:27 bracessaw Charger for jabra elite 75t

Hey guys wanted to clarify if the charger says (output: 5v = 3A/9V = 2A/12V = 1.5A) good to charge the jabra elite 75t.? I got this charger with my poco f1 in the box. I also have iPhone charger if that works let me know.
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2022.01.17 03:27 assagitaz Pringy - Fighting September (Extended Mix) [LW Recordings]

Publisher: LW Recordings
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 12.93 Mb / AIFF 56.84 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Pringy - Fighting September (Extended Mix) / (Key Bm, BPM 128, Length 5:22)​
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2022.01.17 03:27 Montuckme Consoom massive retailers (Rescued a Dog yesterday. Our newest Costco Member!)

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2022.01.17 03:27 razor2811 Is this considured fraud?

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2022.01.17 03:27 Twinnedfoil what are you doing to improve your prospects?

Hello humans, long time lurker, I see a lot of folks complaining about their job, their boss, crap pay and no respect so with that in mind what proactive steps are you taking to move on?
I am studying for a Comptia Security+ qualification in my free time, doing it little and often.
I am also investing in stocks as a means on making better use of my cash.
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2022.01.17 03:27 23World chillin to red hot chili pepper lalala

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2022.01.17 03:27 PhillyPhresh Anyone know where to get a similar bag?

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2022.01.17 03:27 brass_shadows99 final d7k3 form 🤝

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