types of eyes

2022.01.17 04:26 RecordingOther types of eyes

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2022.01.17 04:26 OptimalDevelopment59 just read something about Reids Farm in Taupo

Basically about swimming in the river water. If you have a death wish please do. It's 1km above Huka Falls and you will die if you get swept away.
Most people I met when I was last there just got drunk and eaten alive by the mosquitoes.
Stay out of the water folks.
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2022.01.17 04:26 Vegetable_Leading_63 Guys, how to say goodbye to lag and high ping in this game?

Guys, how to say goodbye to lag and high ping in this game? https://preview.redd.it/93njguxx97c81.jpg?width=480&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=02221d4459a03283b55d2118bf4c07c537c957d2
The biggest headache for gamers, AFAIK,one is the lack of money, the other is the latency and red ping.
There are various cause for latency and high ping, such as poor network condition , too far from the game server or originally not far away but the network route is too winding, poor public network infrastructure, etc..
In addition to moving or changing the ISP, there is another way to help gamers, is to use routing optimization software, specifically to optimize the game data; this is not advertising, because I'm about to talk about the disadvantages of such software:
first of all, it costs money, and not cheap, 6-9 dollars per month; in addition the experience is not good, the ping is still unstable after using , customer support often contact Not on, a refund has not been returned; very annoying.
"What do you want to say so much?"
I'm here to send a questionnaire! If I make a route optimization software with super good experience and super saving money, how many people will want to use it?
Asking for help! Can you tell me what you've tried to do about lag? See how far I can help you solve it? While allowing you to spend as little money as possible.
So, come help me finish this questionnaire, please! Maybe my life will change because of you, like starting a business?
A questionnaire:https://forms.gle/ZouAKtZ1gtnzPyjo9
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2022.01.17 04:26 TheGuyFromTheWoods Lmao, we don't live the same lifes

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2022.01.17 04:26 sodasound alr the britsh girl is cool i cant lie time for bed tho

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2022.01.17 04:26 chilhipp Ich_iel

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2022.01.17 04:26 jacobscott854 ADAPTERS V/S PROCRASTINATORS - ACCOUNTANTS.

This article shows the summary of Procrastinators and Adapters Accountants. There are 4 types of Procrastinators, the performer, the self-deprecator, the overbooked, and the novelty seeker.
Are you waiting for this corona nightmare to end, so that you could start rethinking your firm's offshore staffing strategy?
Let us tell you, the impact of this pandemic is sure to last for long even if its vaccine is discovered tomorrow. If you are still delaying your strategies on offshore hiring up till the end of this pandemic,

They say that there are four main types of procrastinators:
  1. The performer,
  2. The self-deprecator,
  3. The overbooker, and
  4. The novelty seeker.
Figuring out which group you're in can help you break out of your procrastination patterns and maybe even turn in something early.
The performer who says, "I work well under pressure"
These procrastinators force themselves to focus by shrinking the time they have to tackle a task. For many of our clients, the real reason behind this is perfectionism.
If you're tight on time, there's no way the task can be done to your unreasonably high standards anyway, right? For others, the issue is simply falling back into old patterns and beliefs that we have about our 11th-hour saves. No matter what, being in the habit of putting pressure on yourself is not sustainable.
This procrastinator is the opposite of lazy, so when they don't do something they are extra hard on themselves. We see this a lot with our male clients. They tend to blame inaction on laziness or stubbornness rather than admit they are tired. What they really need is to be more compassionate with themselves.
This procrastinator is a pro at filling up their calendar and is often overwhelmed. "I'm so busy" is probably the excuse we hear most often. Interestingly, some of the busiest people we work with get the most done. When busyness comes up as an excuse for not doing something, it's usually an indication of avoidance. Rather than facing a challenge head-on or admitting they don't want to do something, it's easier to place the blame on having other important things to do.
This procrastinator has a terminal case of Shiny Object Syndrome. They're constantly coming up with new projects to take on - and then getting bored with them a week later. They're intrigued by the latest trend and will be quick to implement but not follow through.
They are great at making decisions and taking action. However, they end up inadvertently losing a lot of time and burning out because they don't take consistent action in one direction long enough to see results. Many of our entrepreneurial clients fit into this category.
Offshore staffing for accounting firms is all the more relevant today when remote working is the new normal. And as they say, the best day to start was yesterday, the second-best day is today.
Damon Gamble CPA, one of our client says:
We got in touch with entigrity actually online. We received the email for the email campaign we reached out to the company. We are currently using outsourcing services so we decided to take a look and take a look at their company to see what they had to offer and reach out to the company and we've been happy so far with their services.
Well initially like I said we were not happy with our initial results with outsourcing. We basically were not happy with the end product that we received and then also when we initially got started on outsourcing we will always basically never had the same person who same dedicated person working on our different types of tasks so we tried that but it's a lot of inefficiencies as far as the management of workflow and also the end product in the deliverables but not the results that we expected.
So initially we stopped doing outsourcing and made this Lora operative because my past experience made us what I rested but when you we decided to move forward with Entigrity but what I can honestly say is what I liked about their model is you really have a dedicated staff person.
We actually interviewed that person and tested that person so we kind of had an idea what the work product was going to be what the end product was going to be. We were to work out all the inefficiencies and it really has helped us grow our firm to be more efficient in a workflow as well.
Read more.
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2022.01.17 04:26 HKUplastic It's a great season, I can almost build my full FC Bayern team. It was a bitter that I didn't have enough gems to buy Lahm when it had a flash sale. Nonetheless, I am proud of my team. Mia san mia!! 🔴⚪

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2022.01.17 04:26 POOPYALL i want death or my username as '1'

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2022.01.17 04:26 captainslow1963 What are the must have medical emergency contact number in Kerala

A medical emergency in the family got me thinking about which emergency service number is the go to resource for medical emergency and ambulance service in Kerala. Something like 911 in the US. I know 101 is the emergency number, but no one even bothered to call this number, as we all probabaly knew in the back of our heads that getting to a hospital in our car would be faster than waiting for ambulance.
Does anyone have any experience with calling 101, or any other emergency number. Do they attend on time. What are the other numbers that you have saved on your phone for emergencies
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2022.01.17 04:26 diamant1234 Misa greets you

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2022.01.17 04:26 loriterry Divorced but 💯available for new Cubs😏 I’m looking for a young age I’m okay financially I’ll take care your responsibilities

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2022.01.17 04:26 detoxifiedjosh If you had to start your life over, would you want to have different parents, and why?

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2022.01.17 04:26 -Nikocado-Avocado- Dose this count as animal abuse

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2022.01.17 04:26 ktsmith91 Question about the ATP

How is it resetting the entire universe? It’s only connected to the Probe Cannon and like 2 other statues. I’m a bit confused on the time aspect and how it affects anything beyond what it’s directly linked to.
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2022.01.17 04:26 ToxicAbuse Am I selfish or should i go

My girl of 2 years is extremely depressed and only thing that helps her is weed ( of course i have nothing against weed i smoke it to) but she uses it every day to help her with her problems but whenever she cant get her dose she gets so down she takes me down with her and it’s changing me because i was always outgoing and completely opposite of that and her “medicine” is costing me a bunch of money since she is a student and i have a job so im paying for it and because she is always high vs when she is not i just feel like thats not her that i know or knew she is completely different and not who i wanna be with but at the same time I feel bad for her so I always stay there for her I just dont know should i be more supportive or just go and let her find someone who can deal with that
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2022.01.17 04:26 AVIRAL_GUPTA3728 I think that's a carrot with the earphones

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2022.01.17 04:26 decalkomanya Under the Oak Tree web artist?

Hi guys, I'm trying to find the insta/art account of the artist for this series! I love the style and would like to see more of what they've made
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2022.01.17 04:26 Whatsitworth02 Anyone know what sunglasses Troy is wearing?

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2022.01.17 04:26 daddygotedgeback (OC) Trying to practice drawing accessories/a different pose. Took me 4 hrs to draw & had to fix stuff

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2022.01.17 04:26 crytoloover Redefine Finance: Vitalik bearish Cross-chain, dYdX decentralization, January 7-14

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